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Bob And Auggie507 viewsBob Standing next to a Meade 12" Lx 200
Auggie standing next to his 8" Discovery on a Meade mount
Clouds 8/16/04536 viewsClouds formed on warm humid August Day
Taken from near the San Diego Wild Animal Park
Panasonic DMZ-FC10
clo81704 copy.jpg
Clouds 8/17/04618 viewsClick on picture for larger version
Cloud formation on warm humid August day
Nikon D100 28-200 zoom (97mm eq)
Dec Thor's Helmut Run459 viewsUnknown artifact? Notice it is in the same position but the background stars move.
Image on the left is a stack of the 2min exposures with no alignment.
Image on the right is a stack of 5 min exposures also with no alignment.
Aligning on the stars smears the artifact.
Green Flash?413 viewsHints of green.
The sun was setting behind a ridge about 15 miles away.
Helix430 viewsTelescope: Discovery 8 f5 with Tele Vue STL coma corrector
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: Sbig 11000
Exposure: Luminance 19x5 min RGB 3x5min
Filters: RGB-Astronomik
Location: Observatory Campground at Palomar
Horse Head-Flame Nebula395 viewsTelescope: Discovery 8 f5 with Tele Vue STL coma corrector
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: Sbig 11000
Exposure: Luminace 7x10min RGB 10min each binned 2x2 (poor conditions cut the exposures)
Filters: RGB-Astronomik
Location: Anza Borrago
Combine1alm65ddl copy.jpg
Leo Trio M65 M66 NGC3628354 viewsLeo Triplet Click on image for full size
Telescope: Celestron 10" f4.7 with Coma Cor.
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: SBIG 11000
Where: Palomar Upper Meadow
Date: 3/28-29/2009
Exposure Time: 23x600sec
Little Blair Valley Spring 2005523 views
M1412 viewsQuick run through of new M1 data taken with the 24" Light Buckets Telescope
Color from my scope
There appears to be some blobs on the Light Bucket data

4x2min Lum 24" Alta U42
4x5min Lum 24"
4x10min Ha 24"
FWHM about 2.7"

9x5min Red 13" SBIG 11000
8x5min Green 13"
7x5min Blue 13 "
FWHM about 3.1"
M1061048 views
m16-17 no align433 viewsTwo images combined with no align one taken 11:30pm the next taken 1:55am
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