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NGC 7331 first guided image411 views8/25/2009 13" f4.7 @ f5.2
3x5min 5x5min
Sbig 11000
from my house with 1st quarter moon
Aug 26, 2009
M32 10x30sec unguided358 viewsUsed tick managementAug 25, 2009
1 min Unguided 13"323 viewsUsed Tick ManagementAug 25, 2009
M32 5min unguided336 viewsUsed tick ManagementAug 25, 2009
RA with Gurley Encoder for "Tick Management"528 viewsThis is not the standard “periodic error correction.” It is a real-time tracking correction for both periodic AND non-periodic errors. This approach is called “tick management” Jul 22, 2009
New Mount Pic457 views--RA Gear: 16” (OpticCraft).
--DEC Gear: 13.5” (OpticCraft).
--Sidereal Technology Go-To System with wireless hand pad
--US Digital Encoders for motors
--High-resolution Gurley encoder on RA axis for precise tracking.
--Pittman servos, both axes
--2” Stainless Weight Shaft
--Pier with 360 degree pier rotation a
Jul 22, 2009
Guide Problem375 viewsUpper image is unguided and using Tick Management
The 5 min guided image should look the same.
The RA is in the direction of the elongated stars
Lower images are guided with and without Tick Management
While taking the lower images the traking error graph looked very similar in both images
Jul 22, 2009
PE with Tick Management385 viewsNot true PE but what was measured (ignor cycles and total time the sceen shot was taken later)Jul 22, 2009
PE New Mount 7/21/2009401 viewsPE New Mount without Tick ManagementJul 22, 2009
Tick Management on 9min408 viewsCombination of 30 sec 1 min and 2 min unguided pictures
Mount: New Mount
Camera: Sbig 11000
Teelscope: 8" at f6
Jul 22, 2009
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