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Gamma Cyngnus Region 200mm729 viewsTelescope:200mm Nikkor @f4
Mount: Takashi NJP
Camera:Sbig 2000xm
Exposure:30 Min (2x15min)
Location: Palomar Mountain
Date: 8/24/03
M 33 XX.jpg
M33 Wood713 views17x5min sbig 4000 color
Dark subtract-Flat Boxcar
color convert1:1:1
Sigma combine
Stretch in Photoshop and cut down the blue
Day02711 viewsDate:4/20/04
Telescope: 12" Lx200 F7
Mount: Lx200
Camera:Nikon D100
Location: Escondido Ca (my driveway in Hidden Meadows)
38.5 Hours after New Moon
M08-M20-M21696 viewsTelescope:Takahashi E-160 f3.3
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera:Sbig 11000
Exposure:Red 8x5min Green 6x5min Blue 6x5min unbinned
Location: Palomar Property
Tambomachay692 viewsTaken January 1982
clo81704 copy.jpg
Clouds 8/17/04683 viewsClick on picture for larger version
Cloud formation on warm humid August day
Nikon D100 28-200 zoom (97mm eq)
What is it?683 viewsNGC 3521 March 18 2010
Machu Picchu-Sacred Plaza676 viewsTaken in January 1982
click on picture to enlarge
Ic 1396661 views30 Min (2x15min) 200mm f4 Nikkor Sbig 2000xm
This is a very faint nebula
m4old_reg copy.jpg
M04 Color660 viewsNote: First night of imagaing from new Palomar Property FWHM 2.5" at 30 Deg. above the horizon
Telescope: Discovery 8 f5 with Tele Vue STL coma corrector
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Camera: Sbig 11000
Exposure: Luminance 9x3 min RGB 5x5min from 2007
Filters: RGB-Astronomik
Location: Property at Palomar
Date:6/6/2010 and color 9/17,18/2007
Gamma Cygnus 135mm659 viewsTelescope:135mm Nikkor @f4
Mount: Takashi NJP
Camera:Sbig 2000xm
Exposure:80 Min (1x15min +10x400sec)
Location: Escondido Ca (Hidden Meadows my driveway)
Date: 8/16/03
Lined Bristlehooth656 views
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